Who is Fluffy Knuckleduster? What are they doing here? Why don't snakes have legs? All this and less is explained right here!

Fluffy Knuckleduster was founded in early 2015 after a lecture by local game developer Alex Norton on the topic of mobile game development.

Through a mutual contact at the lecture, Alex was introduced to coding wizard Nathan Hall and it was all that was needed to make the magic happen.


After knocking around a few prototypes, the pair set out on a plan to see if it were possible to make awesome games with a minimum of resources. No office, no staff, not even wages. The focus would be on leaving each half of the dream-team to their half of the work and to put out the best games possible.

You got it! Just the two of us. Oh, we bring in some outside help now and then, but we honestly believe that making a game is less about getting all commercial and trying to make money and more about hooking players on a fun experience that can turn into something really special. So we're cutting out all of the fluff and just keeping it the two of us!

You sure can! You can find Fluffy Knuckleduster at most indie game events around Brisbane, and we aim to get to many of the national events, too, in the future. We're easy to spot. Just look for the fluorescent green and pink! So if you spot us, come say hi, and be sure to drop us a 'like' on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!