Games? Fluffy Knuckleduster make games? I'm glad you asked, curious citizen, because yes they do! We specialise in making the most zany, hilarious, spectacular games we can! Currently our focus is in the mobile games market, but we have plans to expand to PC and consoles in the near future with both new titles and specialty re-makes of our current ideas!

Here's our flagship game:

The mad wizard is at it again, sending all manner of fearsome, ugly and flatulent beasts down his tower to terrorize the villagers! Command Sir Steven, riding his valiant goose steed, James, and defeat as many of the evil creatures as you can!

Collect gold! Find zany powerups! Vie to become the most noble, battle-hardened, fart-blocking knight ever to set foot upon a goose!

- Hilarious, colourful fun for all ages
- Simple, one-handed gameplay
- Play quick rounds between breaks or get hooked for hours!
- In-app purchases optional! Nothing in the game can't be earned!
- Not for people who dislike farting dragons!

Wizzed Off is currently available on iTunes and Google Play! Get it now, for free!

And here's what's coming soon!

Turn a good farm into a great farm with the power of tapping! Your aim in TapTap Farms is to create a profitable, eco-friendly and self-sufficient farm while maintaining profits and staying green!

- Colourful design scheme is beautiful to look at
- Simple, tap-and-hold interface makes it easy to play
- Crosses multiple genres! Idle, puzzle and strategy
- Very simple gameplay, but extremely challenging
- Get rewarded for giving your farm as much attention as you can
- Suitable for all ages

TapTap Farms is coming soon to iOS and Android, and will be completely free!

And there's more where that came from, so stay tuned for more game announcements soon!