This game is in an OPEN BETA stage. Our available demo is the full game, but with no ability to save.
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Base Edition


The standard version of the base game. Get full access to play it, with all updates and online features!

Deluxe Edition


The deluxe edition contains all of the features of the base game, but also instantly puts you on the list to get the first expansion pack when it comes out!

Special Edition


Get all the features of the deluxe edition and also recieve a digital art book detailing the creative processes behind the game as well as a digital copy of the game's amazing soundtrack when the game is out of beta!

Uber Editions


The ultimate way to experience Ahkranox! Contains everything in the previous tiers, and also gets yourself listed in the credits as a special contributor to the project. You will also receive special desktop wallpaper packs and your name added to the Tome of the Tower Watch in-game for everyone to see! This pack won't be available after we finish the beta!


Base Game
Deluxe Edition
Special Edition
Uber Edition