I can't run the installer... What do I need?

You may not be running an up-to-date copy of the Microsoft .NET Framework. You can grab it at this link.

I found a bug! Where do I report it?

The short version is, the game is in beta, so there's going to be bugs. However, to combat that, we have a fantastic team of testers who comb through the game on a daily basis to find all of the problems. When they find one, they let us know through special channels that we've set up for error reporting, and the bugs get posted on the known issues list, which you're welcome to check out for yourself. Sometimes a bug won't make it onto that list, but every bug is recorded and dealt with. The best thing for you to do is simply enjoy the game, and know that we're on the case!

How much of the game is procedurally generated?

Almost all of it! As it currently stands, weapons, items, monster statistics, dungeon maps, cities and towns, forests, countryside, weather and even dialogue is procedurally generated, so you should get a really interesting game experience and always have new places to explore.

How is the game both turn-based and first person?

The gameplay is very similar to the classic first person RPGs of the early to mid nineties, such as the Might & Magic series and Eye of the Beholder. The player stands in a richly detailed, 3D world using all of the latest technology, but movement is done across an invisible grid, meaning that when you take a step, you step forward one meter, and when you turn, you turn 90 degrees at a time. There are, however, moments where you are free to break out of this movement paradigm, such as the freelook option.

What engine is this game using?

Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox is built on the Hellfire II engine developed by Alex Norton and is written using a combination of Visual Studio and the DarkGDK kit available from The Game Creators.

Can I license your engine for my own game?

At this time we're not letting other people in on the engine, as we want to see where Malevolence goes first.

Will there be expansion packs for malevolence?

There most certainly will be! Currently in the game the player can explore infinite Dungeons, Forests, Cities, Towns and Countryside, but that isn't all that a good fantasy world contains! As we release new expansions, new areas will be opened up to the player to explore. We already have one in the works that we're aiming to release around the middle of next year.

Can I help the development of the game at all?

The best way you can help is to jump on the forums and become a part of our amazing community! We absolutely adore hearing from you all and seeing the things you've managed to discover in the game!

How can this game be truly infinite? Isn't that mathematically impossible?

Actually, infinity within computing has been around for a good 40 years. The math we're using is nothing new, but having it working for a video game is a relatively new concept. Some of our favourite games are things like Minecraft, Daggerfall and Freelancer. We just wanted to take it one step further. If you're still skeptical, keep in mind that we have a beta test team all playing around in our infinite world right now! But if you still don't believe us, we'll be releasing a demo so that you can see it for yourself :)

How can I learn how to play the game?

Our amazing community has put together a series of video guides to help you through the process! You can check them out here!