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    Stefacle was a farmboy from a farm near Eddya-Anic's Holdfast who was dreaming of a life more adventurous than that of a simple farmboy.


    One night he was in town as he had a rare day off the next day, so he had decided to go and have some fun in the tavern, and listen to some local rumors. He had a few drinks, and suddenly found himself sitting at a table with a mysterious man who he had never seen before. The man presented him self as Al-Aeks, Stefacle thought that was a strange but found the mans stories interesting. Al-Aeks told stories about lands far off, beyond the great sea. Stefacle had never met a person who had been beyond the great sea before. Al-Aeks told about sorcerers cabins and abandoned ruined temples inhabited by monsters that Stefacle had never even heard about before. Tales about Minotaurs and Orcs, and even monsters that used magic, and the great treasures that they guarded deep in the ruins. Drink after drink, Stefacle began to get drunk and he tought that he was likely imagining things when Al-Aeks started telling him about a Chosen one and a great quest for a legendary weapon, called the Sword of Ahkranox...

    Stefacle shaked his head and said 'Who is this chosen one that you are talking about strange man?'

    Al-Aeks looked at him... 'I think you may be the Chosen one Stefacle'

    Stefacle shaked his head again, 'I think I had too much to drink' he said.

    Al-Aeks looked at him with a smile and said 'I think you are getting tired my young friend'. He then muttered some words that Stefacle didn't understand and Stefacle suddenly felt so tired that his eyes fell shut, and everything went black...

    Stefacle opened his eyes and didn't recognize his surrounding. It was night, and he was laying on the grass near a town, but it did not look like Eddya-Anic's Holdfast. He walked up to the door, and saw a sign saying that this was Midh-Ha's Bastion.


    Stefacle decided to enter to find shelter for the night, you never knew what could happen out here, and he needed to find out where he actually is.

    So started the adventure of the farmboy Stefacle. Will be following up with what happens next tomorrow.
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    Well, to give a quick update on this the farmboy Stefacle went to a nearby dungeon, successfully cleared the only floor of all monsters, and looted the large chest of its treasures, but then his greediness took over and this became his downfall.

    In his search for additional treasures in the dungeon Stefacle became careless as he was confident that there were no more dangers in the dungeon, but only treasures for him to take. He hurried through chambers and corridors emptying chests, crates and other valuables that he could find. He became so careless that he did not pay any attention to a suspicious floor tile until he stepped on it and heard a 'Click'.

    And that was the of the farmboys adventure, he fell into the pittrap and ended his days impaled on the spikes at the bottom of the pit...

    So, having ended the short tale about the farmboy I have decided to continue documenting experiences in Ahkranox, but in independent updates rather than a connected story line.

    Will be following up on this in due time.
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    So, started a new character this morning, and here is a recap of the first day's adventures which have turned out quite well so far.

    First off, Al-Aeks sent me off to a really nice starting location, here is a screenshot of the close by town seen from a nearby hill. The town is submerged in water!


    Well, despite being submerged in water Lalebhu was surprising dry and comforting once I was inside, it must be magic. Went to the quest kiosk, and was pleased to get 3 Cleanse quests, I like to get some Cleanse quests when starting out on a new adventure, it gives some good directions to get started with. I also got a few Hunt and Collect quests, and after asking some of the kind locals about those locations I was supposed to cleanse I soon had the 3 locations marked on my map, so I headed out of the town and towards the location of the first location, which was The Damnation of Kier-Ehnha, located a short pace to the north-east.

    The Damnation of Kier-Ehnha did sound like a dangerous place, and my dread of the place deepened when I reached the location. The body of another adventurer lied right next to the entrance! Somebody had been here before me and had clearly not succeeded to cleanse the place...


    I readied my weapon and made sure to have a fireball spell readied as well and went inside, hoping to have more luck than the dead adventurer outside. Inside the place was infested with Goblins and Imps, but I eventually managed to clear the one and only floor of this place, counting a total of 20 enemies slain, and felt stronger as I hit level 2 in the progress. Finally made it to the large chest in a far corner of the maze-like dungeon, and was relieved to find that the large chest was unguarded.


    Feeling full of confidence after successfully clearing out that first dungeon, and obtaining a good deal of loot in the progress, I headed south as the other two locations that I had to cleanse were located to the far south of this area, but at least they appeared on my map to be fairly close to each other.

    It was getting to the late afternoon, and I thought that maybe I should see if I could find a place to stay for the night as I have heard that there may be monsters roaming the countryside at night time.

    That's when I noticed a windmill in the distance and a watchtower close to it. As I got closer I saw a sight that I have never seen before in Ahkranox. A ruined temple to the left overlooked by the watchtower. Right next to it was a farm with a windmill, and finally to the right from the farm was a ruin of a large house, begging to be explored and looted for treasures that would surely be there. What a find!


    I visited the farm, and the farmer was kind enough to offer me to stay for the night as it was getting evening, so I accepted.

    The next morning I thank the farmer, paid him a few coins and bid him a good day. The farmer told that the ruined house nearby was haunted, and warned me to stay away from it, but I do not believe in ghosts, and what kind of adventurer would pass up the chance of looting a old abandoned house?

    Surely enough, there was plenty of loot, and not a ghost in sight. Once again I praised my luck before heading south. However, I made sure to take a note of the location. I may return to check out the ruin at some point or maybe share the location with anothing adventurer at some point, who knows.


    The farm and watchtower are just to the north of my current location, and the ruined house just to the west of the farm. The ruined temple does not appear on the map as it is actually in the same location as the watchtower.

    The Damnation of Kier-Ehnha with the body of an adventurer outside is located due north-west of this current location, just north of another farm (farm is marked with a green x)

    My starting town Lalebhu is located to the west, just off the map as displayed here, and to the south marked with a circle is my next goal, the second dungeon that must cleansed of evil.
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    I love the look of that sunken city!!
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    The general store has a year-round sale on sponges :p
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    And everything is wash-and-wear.
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    Hmm, thought I was gonna revive this thread with a big update when my permadeath char hit level 100, but...

    Death report of stefacle
    Reached level 90
    Killed by a minotaur.
    Total armour at time of death was 826
    Max damage of weapon used at time of death was 589
    Total amount of gold acquired: 411780
    Number of Bosses killed: 18
    Number of Goblins killed: 419
    Number of Imps killed: 308
    Number of Zombies killed: 264
    Number of Orcs killed: 117
    Number of Reptilians killed: 81
    Number of Minotaurs killed: 55
    Number of Ogres killed: 11
    Number of traps disarmed: 281
    Number of spells crafted: 5
    Number of chests opened: 145
    Number of mega chests looted: 17
    Number of dungeons cleared: 14
    Number of towns entered: 20
    Number of secret walls found: 194
    Number of unidentified potions drunk: 42
    Number of rare items collected: 141
    Total number of quests completed: 48
    Number of very easy quests completed: 12
    Number of easy quests completed: 10
    Number of intermediate quests completed: 11
    Number of difficult quests completed: 6
    Number of very difficult quests completed: 9
    Number of permadeath player corpses looted: 0
    Number of spell gems collected: 140
    PLAYER SCORE: 2083745

    Died on level 7 or 8 of the hardest dungeon I have ever seen. The dungeon was infested with the likes of Minotaurs, Orcs and Ogres from the entrance and downwards. Every level took an eternity to clear. I think I was around level 75 when starting the dungeon. Guess that says a bit about how tough it was. Sadly, I have no coords of the location, nor the name of the dungeon. I only know that it was far to the north or north-east of the usual starting location, and it was one or two greater world sections away.

    Oh well, time to get back on the horse:)
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    Level 90 is nothing to sneeze at! I often call those dungeons "red dungeons" in my development. In the generation algorithms there are occasional anomalies which just produce these absolutely demonic dungeons of death. To go up 15 levels in one dungeon definitely shows how hard it was! Shame you didn't keep a record of its location :(
  9. Stefan Clemmensen

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    Yeah, thing was I was dead set on completing it before leaving if that makes sense. I did think of leaving in, and record the location, but I got stubborn, and didn't want to give up. Also had a quest to clear it, Very difficult of course :)

    Every monster was challenging, even the imps and goblins were much harder than usual. Getting two goblins at the same time would be very dangerous, and required me to play very tactical. I usually just killed a couple of monsters in one play session, and clearing a full floor could take a week or two. I have probably spent the last 3 months or so in that dungeon.

    Yes, I have heard about those red dungeons before, but this is the first time that I have encountered on that was that huge and deep. Another thing I noticed was that the dungeon had very few traps, and some floors had no traps at all. It was like the challenge of traps was removed, and instead added to the monsters difficulty. Another thing was that although almost every floor had a portal, they were all broken, preventing me from going back to town to re-supply. I was literally out of potions and relying on a quite weak healing spell when the minotaur got me. Many battles ended with me being on low health, but the minotaur to a third of my health in one hit, probably a critical hit :)
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    But did you have fun, that's the real question?
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    Enjoyed it, that was why I didn't want to leave that dungeon. Best dungeon I have experience in the game yet :)

    No regrets.
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