I killed an Ogre at level 1

Discussion in 'Show off your character!' started by Phnogg, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Phnogg

    Phnogg New Member A true warrior of Ahkranox

    Let me preface by saying that I was almost level 2 and had looted some potions from a dungeon. I had also found a spellbook of healing word level 1 Also, this is my first character aside from a short adventure in the demo before I got the game on steam; had I known what I know now I would certainly have turned tail and ran. Anyway, I had been walking around a dungeon trying to fight and sleeping to heal, but soon I got overwhelmed and left the dungeon. I slept outside, bad idea, and was ambushed by an ogre. I knew that there was a town to the south, but the Ogre blocked my path. I could have used a tree to block him, but I didn't think about that so I just went for it. I had asked for armor from the guy at the beginning which may have been the difference maker, but I went through all my health potions plus my mana potions so I could cast healing word. I finally killed the ogre with 1/4 of my health left and no other healing options left. My reward? 1 small health potion. Who says you can't kill an ogre with a rusty old dagger? Not me, but you sure better bring a LOT of potions with ya!
  2. Alex Norton

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    WOW that's quite an achievement, Phnogg! Well done!
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  3. bigrowdy

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    I killed one in my very first battle. Found a chest with some freezebolt boots. Whenever he would freeze I would use the only spell I had wich turned out to be an infinte mod heal. Been kicking but ever since.
  4. Alex Norton

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    That's a great strategy, bigrowdy! Sounds like you came out of it well! What level are you at now?
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  5. Stefan Clemmensen

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    Maybe an idea for another Steam achievement Alex?

    David vs Goliath - Kill an Ogre at Level 1!
  6. Alex Norton

    Alex Norton The Lord of Ahkranox Staff Member A true warrior of Ahkranox

    I don't mind that idea at all!
  7. Aleopheus

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    It's easy, with a bow, enough arrows and a closed door to shoot through ;)
    I can do that, without using even one potion.

    But I think you mean, face him in the open field. Outside, in the wilderness, where no wild door or gate can appear to assist me.
    Or it has to be kill him with he rusty shabby dagger.
  8. Blatherbeard

    Blatherbeard Master Barkeep (Moderator) Staff Member A true warrior of Ahkranox

    or find an easy biome. killed 4 minotaurs, 1 ogre and a few zombies in my recent playthrough last night. (to be fair not all at lvl 1 but a zomb, mino and ogre def) and barely used a potion.

    Its all about the biome man! lol

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