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Discussion in 'Show us your find!' started by Alex Norton, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Alex Norton

    Alex Norton The Lord of Ahkranox Staff Member A true warrior of Ahkranox

    So I'm working with the test team lately to fix the locking chests bug, and it's taking FOREVER to work out what on Earth is happening, and lots of it involves opening and closing chests over and over.

    But during today's session, I found possibly one of the most entertainingly awesome magic items I have ever seen in the game.


    How cool are these? They're a level 1 item, and every time an enemy hits you, they catch on fire, become terrified of you and get teleported 5 squares away from you to burn to death while they're running away.

    That is insane. I love that my own game can still impress me sometimes!

    Since I'll never use them, I took these pants, found a Dimension Stone (I won't tell you which one) and put them inside, ready for someone to find in the future. If you find them, let me know!
  2. Blatherbeard

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    I think my favorite armor piece was one that froze the enemy, hit them with lightning and then poisoned them. Nothing lasted long with those, even me since i died shortly after. ha ha
  3. Aleopheus

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    Trousers of the inferno. I first thought the former owner ate some furious chili and in his terror, he hides the greaves inside this box and then fled 5 squares away. As you can smell it within 4 squares around the box.
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  4. Alex Norton

    Alex Norton The Lord of Ahkranox Staff Member A true warrior of Ahkranox

    After burrito night, any trousers I'm wearing become the trousers of inferno lol
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